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At Quicktest Labs, we provide certified, professional DNA testing, drug testing, DOT, alcohol testing and specialized testing services for employers and individuals.

At Quicktest Labs, testing is all we do. Our lab techs are experts in obtaining and analyzing samples in the most professional, affordable, and efficient way possible. No matter the test you need or the reason you need it, our lab is equipped to handle it. Below, you'll find descriptions of a several of our lab testing services, but this list is by no means comprehensive. Contact us for information on special tests and other requested services. Walk-ins and same day appointments are also welcome. Most tests are instant tests with results as fast as 5 minutes. Call our testing lab today for any questions about Drug, Alcohol, DNA or DOT testing in Texas, Texas.

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Quickest Labs is a leading provider of Texas drug testing services for employers, students, parents and individuals. Our drug test lab is always clean and comfortable and we have the capacity to handle drug testing needs both big and small. All of our drug tests are conducted with the strictest standards for accuracy and confidentiality, and our lab has the capacity to implement and manage even the largest employer drug testing programs.

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Quickest Labs has earned a reputation as a leading provider of fast and accurate alcohol testing services in Houston. Whether you are an employer piecing together a drugs and alcohol testing program for your business or a parent or individual looking for personal or family alcohol testing in Texas, Quickest Labs and its expert staff can help you through every step of the alcohol testing process. Our lab always does everything we can to make that process safe, comfortable, and convenient for you.

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The most important part of a DNA lab test is the reliability of the results. That's why Quickest Labs follows the strictest standards for sample security, test accuracy, and DNA testing best practices in Texas. With DNA testing services from Quickest Labs, you'll get your DNA test results fast and you'll know you can trust them when you get them. At Quickest Labs, we promise to provide the cleanest labs, the most efficient tests, and the most reliable results. That's just how we run our Texas DNA testing labs! Both Legal and Non-Legal DNA Tests Are Available at our Texas DNA Test Lab!

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DOT services include DOT compliant urine drug testing and breath alcohol testing procedures from our Texas DOT test lab. To ensure proper chain of custody and compliance with the DOT testing rules and regulations, DOT test collection labs, such as our Texas lab, must be trained to operate the EBT and be proficient in the breath testing procedures.

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Our Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing in Texas

We provide drug, alcohol, and DNA testing in Texas for both private and legal purposes. Our certified drug and alcohol testing collection labs can provide drug testing by way of urine, hair, saliva, fingernail, sweat / skin, DOT, environmental, and steroids. Our drug test panels also have a broad range to screen against the most basic drugs up to screening for a full array of drugs.

We provide Texas drug and alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Contact our alcohol or drug screening lab to find out more about our testing services.

Fastest Lab Testing in Texas

At Quicktest Labs, we want to make every experience testing with us as comfortable and worry-free as possible. We know that, whatever your reason for testing, quick results can bring peace of mind. We have the shortest wait times in the industry. We will serve our customers within 5 minutes of their arrival. On most tests we provide instant test results. On Lab tests we typically provide results in 24 hours (depending on type of test performed).

You'll be amazed at how quickly you are helped by our professional and precise our staff. Our lab techs will help you through the testing process with the highest level of professional customer service.

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