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How does Texas nail alcohol testing work?

Fingernail alcohol testing is an excellent, non-intrusive way to obtain long-term alcohol use and dosage history. After consumption of alcohol, the alcohol spreads throughout the drinker's body, affecting body systems and being processed by organs as it goes. As part of that process, biomarkers of alcohol consumption are deposited in nail tissue. Those biomarkers remain in the fingernail tissue for up to 90 days. That means that, within 90 days of drinking, one can analyze the drinker's nail tissue for these biomarkers, and thus determine whether or not the person has used alcohol in the last few months. That makes it one of the very best options for those looking for a long-term alcohol usage history.

Quicktest Labs always conducts its fingernail alcohol testing with unparalleled speed and accuracy. You'll be surprised how quick the sample collection process is and how rapidly you get your Texas fingernail alcohol testing results. Whether you need Texas court-admissible alcohol results as part of a Woodlands court proceeding or quick, personal results for private reasons, we'll get your results quickly, accurately and effortlessly. That's the Quicktest Labs way.

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Ease of Sampling

Although the Texas fingernail alcohol test is mostly similar to a hair alcohol test, a fingernail sets itself apart in cases where a hair is not easily obtained. If a test subject happens to be bald and doesn’t want to provide body hair, a fingernail test is a suitable alternative. The Texas sample collector simply takes clippings from each of the subject’s ten digits, and files them to obtain a nail dust for testing. Negative results are available within 24 to 48 hours. If fingernail/toenail alcohol test is positive, it may take up to one week to receive results. Quicktest Labs requests that diabetic clients have their toenail clipped by a professional podiatrist to minimize the risk of infection.

Long Term History of Use

Along with hair alcohol testing, which covers a similar time period, fingernail alcohol testing covers the largest period of time of any common tests. Since alcohol biomarkers persist in nail and hair tissue for up to 90 days, those tests can provide an alcohol dosage history for the last three months. That makes it a great option for regularly scheduled employee screenings in Texas, as the length of the testing range makes manipulation around the testing schedule more difficult. In addition, nail testing provides a more complete picture of a testee's alcohol history for pre-employment screenings in Texas.

No Known Alterants

While both nail and Texas hair alcohol tests cover a similarly long range of time, a hair sample is usually more simply acquired than nail tissue. For that reason, hair alcohol testing would be the easier option. However, there is an inherent gender bias within hair testing, as many of the cosmetic treatments more commonly used by women can render hair tissue ineffective as an alcohol testing sample. In addition, certain health situations make it more difficult for some people to provide a hair sample. For those reasons, large scale testing programs are almost always better served by using Texas fingernail and toenail alcohol testing.

Fingernail Alcohol Testing

While not ideal for random or “for-cause” testing, because it takes up to a week for alcohol indicators to be found in a user’s fingernail tissue, fingernail testing is ideal for situations in which a long-term pattern of alcohol use is sought. That makes fingernail testing one of the best methods for pre-employment screenings, pre-employment screenings, random alcohol testing programs, or scheduled screenings.With Quicktest Labs, you know you're getting the best service and the best results. Give us a call today.

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Fingernail Alcohol Screening:

  • Court ordered or requested by an attorney
  • Corporate alcohol testing
  • Pre-employment testing programs
  • Personal alcohol testing
  • Random alcohol testing programs
  • DOT Compliance
  • Teenager or individual alcohol testing
  • And more!

Benefits of Fingernail Testing at Quicktest Labs:

With Quicktest Labs, you can always know that your Texas fingernail alcohol tests are done professionally, quickly, accurately, and affordably. We meet or exceed all industry best practices for sample collection, identification, and protection, and our testing procedures combine a need for speed when an inviolate focus on the accuracy of each and every test result.

  • Accurate Texas Fingernail Test Results- We offer certified and accurate alcohol testing results.
  • Alocohol Policy Creation- Texas employer alcohol testing policy implementation.
  • Our Texas Fingernail Alcohol Testing Staff- Confidentiality, reliability, and professionalism by our Texas alcohol testing staff.
  • Affordable Alcohol Fingernail Test Pricing- Our Alcohol testing lab in Texas will strive to meet or beat any competitors' pricing!
  • Our Texas Alcohol Nail Testing Labs- Clean and comfortable alcohol testing facilities.

At Quicktest Labs, we conduct alcohol tests by following strict guidelines and best-practices to ensure accuracy and reliability of results. On top of that, we provide your results quickly and affordably, making Quicktest Labs your best option for fingernail alcohol testing services in Texas, Texas.

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