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The most important part of a DNA lab test is the reliability of the results. That’s why Quicktest Labs follows the strictest standards for sample security, test accuracy, and DNA testing best practices in Texas. With DNA testing services from Quicktest Labs, you’ll get your DNA test results fast and you’ll know you can trust them when you get them. At Quicktest Labs, we promise to provide the cleanest labs, the most efficient tests, and the most reliable results. That’s just how we run our Texas DNA testing labs! Both Legal and Non-Legal DNA Tests Are Available at our Texas DNA Test Lab!

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DNA paternity testing in Texas uses samples of two parties' genetic material to determine whether one sample provider is the other's father.

Court Admissible

Quicktest Labs meets or exceeds all legal requirements for court-admissible DNA tests as well as all industry best practices for accuracy.


An immigration test is most often used when a relative residing in the US sponsors a visa to help their loved ones enter the country (or remain in the country) legally.


At Quicktest Labs, we collect samples professionally, quickly analyze them, and provide you with the fastest, most accurate maternity DNA testing results in Texas.

Twin Zygosity

A twin zygosity test from Quicktest Labs simply analyzes the DNA of each twin and checks whether or not they are the same.


A DNA test can provide you with pretty strong evidence of infidelity, helping you understand your feelings, assess your relationship, and decide how to proceed.

Genealogy / Ancestry

Genealogical DNA testing at Quicktest Labs of Texas is a simple cheek swab test that looks at DNA markers to determine ancestry.

DNA Profiling

DNA profiling, also known as genetic fingerprinting, refers to the testing processes by which a DNA sample is processed with the intent of establishing identity.

Genetic Reconstruction

Our genetic reconstruction services use DNA sample gathering and analysis to reconstruct a genetic profile from indirect sources when a direct sample is unavailable.

Adoption Testing

With our DNA testing techniques, Quicktest Labs can help children find their biological parents and gain peace of mind from learning the truth.

Forensic Services

Whether you need a DNA profile, court-admissible DNA results, immigration clearance, or any other reason, Quicktest Labs will get you the fastest, most accurate results.

DNA Banking

DNA banking is the preservation of genetic material for future use. A variety of reasons exist for banking DNA in Houston but one of the most common is to preserve the DNA for valuable future analysis.

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Our Certified DNA Testing in Texas

We provide drug, alcohol, and DNA testing in Texas for both private and legal purposes. Our certified drug and alcohol testing collection labs can provide drug testing by way of urine, hair, saliva, fingernail, sweat / skin, DOT, environmental, and steroids. Our drug test panels also have a broad range to screen against the most basic drugs up to screening for a full array of drugs.

We provide Texas drug and alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Contact our alcohol or drug screening lab to find out more about our testing services.

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Paternity DNA Test in Texas

  • Positively identifies biological father of child
  • Simple cheek swab, non intrusive
  • Can be administered the instant the child is born (We even come to the hospital)
  • Results in 1-5 days (Depending on Test Type)
  • Court admissible results available (upheld in any court of law in US)
  • Most commonly used in child custody cases & child support cases

The most popular DNA test at our Texas lab is, by far, is a paternity DNA test. Surprisingly enough, paternity tests are not only used by single fathers in custody and child support cases but are also used by men who are in a relationship with the mother or are even married to the mother. These men simply wish to discreetly determine the paternity of their child for their own peace of mind.

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Immigration DNA Test in Texas

  • Positively identifies biological relationships via DNA
  • Court admissible results (up-held throughout the US)
  • For passport verification, biological relationship-based visa petitions, citizenship, immigration clearance
  • Simple cheek swab, non intrusive
  • Certified local collections arrangement made for participants outside US.
  • Results in 1-5 days (Depending on Test Type)

Immigration testing is a common test requested by the government for passport verification, citizenship, and immigration clearance. An immigration test is most often used when a relative residing in the US sponsors a visa to help their loved ones enter the country (or remain in the country) legally.

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Infidelity DNA Test in Texas

  • Used in cases of suspected infidelity
  • Identifies foreign DNA found on objects or fabrics (from bodily fluids)
  • Usually not legal in court of law (lack of chain of custody)
  • Results in 1-5 days (Depending on Test Type)
  • Most common items tested include underwear, bed sheets and cigarette butts
  • Partner's DNA sample is submitted for comparison (via a cheek swab)

An infidelity DNA test from our Texas lab is an accurate way to measure if a partner is cheating. In most cases, an article of clothing or bed sheet is brought in stained with what is suspected to be foreign bodily fluids. Unless a proper chain of custody can be established (certified handling of the sample collection from start to finish), an infidelity DNA test is usually not admissible in a court of law, but is a powerful means to discreetly find out if there is infidelity in a relationship.

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Twin Zygosity DNA Test in Texas

  • Used to determine if a set of twins are identical or fraternal (before similar physical traits are apparent)
  • Zygosity is the degree of identity in the genome of twins
  • Verify eligibility for sibling tissue/organ donations
  • Results in 1-5 days (Depending on Test Type)
  • Simple cheek swab
  • Can be performed immediately after birth
  • Most commonly used to satisfy parent's curiosity.

The twin zygosity DNA test (commonly known as the twin DNA test) is most often used to satisfy a parent's curiosity in finding out if their babies are identical twins or fraternal twins. Unless a DNA test is performed, parent's will typically wait 4-8 months for physical characteristics to develop before they would be able to determine if there was a striking resemblance in their twins.

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Geneology / Ancestry DNA Test in Texas

  • Used to map ethnicity going back multiple generations
  • Provides insight into what region of the world your ancestors were from, and what heritage resides in your DNA
  • Helps determine if two people are descendants of the same ancestors
  • Results in 1-5 days (Depending on Test Type)
  • Simple cheek swab
  • Helps to validate family research
  • Can test maternal line or paternal line
  • Can be used to apply for scholarships and grants (Native American being the most common)

A genealogy / ancestry DNA test is most commonly used as a method of determining ethnicity (which can further assist with college grants and scholarships). Family tree research is the next most popular use for the genealogy / ancestry DNA test. This test is truly amazing in helping individuals understand where they came from!

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Maternity DNA Test in Texas

  • Same as a paternity DNA test, only tests for biological mother
  • Results in 1-5 days (Depending on Test Type)
  • Simple cheek swab
  • Court admissible results available
  • Used to verify a birth mother (such as re-uniting after adoption)
  • Also used for guardianship cases, inheritance disputes, and to gain access to legal documents
  • Can prove maternity in the case of a hospital mix-up
  • Assist with immigration eligibility for children or mother

A maternity DNA test from our Texas lab, is most commonly used when an adopted child wants to re-unite with his or her birth mother, as well as in immigration cases. Gaining access to legal documents for mother or child is another common reason for performing a maternity DNA test. Court admissible results are available.

Benefits of DNA Testing with Quicktest Labs

  • Accurate Texas DNA TEST Results- always accurate dna testing results.
  • Our Texas DNA Testing Staff- Confidentiality, reliability, and professionalism by our Texas dna testing staff.
  • Affordable DNA Test Pricing- Our dna testing lab in Texas will strive to meet or beat any competitors' pricing!
  • Our Texas DNA Testing Labs- Clean and comfortable dna testing facilities.
  • Legal and Private DNA Tests- court admissable testing with legal efficacy.

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You'll be amazed at how quickly you are helped by our professional and precise our staff. Our lab techs will help you through the testing process with the highest level of professional customer service.

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