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What is a Texas DNA Testing for Adoptees?

Many of those who were adopted in their infancy eventually decide to pursue information about their birth families. Knowing the identities and traits of your birth parents can help the adopted child understand his or her personal history as well as important family health history and risk factors. Sometimes, this is as simple as asking one’s adoptive parents or contacting the adoption agency involved. In some cases, however, the process is much more complicated and difficult. In these cases, DNA testing can prove invaluable in discovering the truth.

If multiple potential parents are involved, DNA profiling can determine the actual parent or exclude candidates. If a potential parent does not consent or is unable to provide a sample, genetic reconstruction techniques can be used to piece together a DNA profile from samples of consenting relatives. If appropriate adoption records have not been kept or pseudonyms were used, the child’s DNA profile can be compared against surname & ethnic databases, to provide a list of possible surnames and/or ethnicities of her parents. If a parental relationship is suspected, DNA testing can determine the nature of the relationship with certainty. With these and other Texas DNA testing techniques, Quicktest Labs can help children find their biological parents and gain peace of mind from learning the truth.

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Speed and Accuracy: The Quicktest Labs Way

Reasons for a DNA Adoption Test:

  • Positively identifies biological relationships via DNA
  • Used for birthparent verification for relinquishment of parental rights
  • For assisted reproduction identification
  • For surrogacy identification
  • Reunification of biological families
  • Court Admissible Results
  • Simple cheek swab, non intrusive
Features of Quicktest Labs Genetic Relationship Testing:

  • Strict test confidentiality
  • Sample protection and isolation
  • Unparalleled Texas test accuracy
  • Clean, comfortable Texas sample collection centers
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • A full array of affordable Texas testing services
  • Results in 1-3 days
Additional Texas DNA Testing Services:

  • Texas Maternity DNA Testing
  • Texas Court-Admissible DNA Testing
  • Immigration DNA Testing in Texas
  • Twin Zygosity Testing in Texas
  • Genealogy/Lineage Texas DNA Testing
  • Texas DNA Infidelity Testing

Accurate, Court Admissible Results

Genetic adoption testing is often used for reunification of biological families, birthparent verification, assisted reproduction identification, plus more. Contact us today for fast, affordable, and accurate Texas DNA adoption testing.

At Quicktest Labs, we conduct DNA adoption testing procedures in Texas with professionalism, accuracy, and speed. And as with all of our Texas lab testing services, we will strive to meet or beat any competitors' pricing in the Texas area. Whether you need a birthparent verification, your adoption was closed, the original birth certificate is not available, or any other reason, Quicktest Labs will get you the fastest, most accurate results in Texas.

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Quick, Non-Invasive Sample Acquisition

We use a non-invasive sample collection method called buccal swabbing for our Texas genetic adoption testing. Our professional Texas lab technicians swab the inside of your cheek four times with cotton swabs to gather skin cells containing your DNA. The whole process takes minutes and we promise to have you out the door unbelievably quick. Once we've gathered samples from both parties to be tested, the samples will be analyzed and you'll get accurate Texas DNA test results, fast.


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Texas Court-Admissible DNA Adoption Test Results

Whether your Texas DNA relationship test is legally required as part of a parental rights case or custody dispute, Quicktest Labs will provide you with fast, accurate results that meet industry standards for court-admission and legal persuasion. Our Texas DNA testing lab technicians follow the strictest protocols and best-practices for sample isolation, identity protection, and accuracy. With Quicktest Labs, you know you're getting Texas adoption DNA test results that will hold up in courts all over the country.


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One stop shop for TCOLE L-2 and L-3 Form Requirements

Quicktest Labs is a TCOLE provider, and we welcome any law enforcement to fulfill both the Licensee Psych Health L-3 form (physical and drug test) and the Licensee Psych Health L-3 form (psychological evaluation) requirements at our one stop shop!

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What Is The Genetic Adoption Testing Process?

At Quicktest Labs we follow the strictest standards and industry guidelines for sample protection, efficiency, and accuracy. Our process is streamlined and optimized to make sure you get the most accurate Texas DNA adoption test results as quickly as possible.

  • Our professional Texas lab techs will take a buccal swab from sample providers present.
  • The samples are analyzed for repeating DNA sequences.
  • As soon as results are available, they're immediately provided to the relevant parties.

With Quicktest Labs, you can be sure that your samples will be isolated and protected from contamination. We also protect our clients' identities, maintaining strict confidentiality in all testing circumstances. At Quicktest Labs we are dedicated to making your Texas DNA testing experience as comfortable as possible. We know your time is important, so our Texas DNA testing lab staff will get you in and out in no time.

For more information on DNA paternity testing for adoptees, contact us today. We're standing by to answer all of your important relationship testing questions.

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Our Certified Adoption DNA Testing in Texas

We provide drug, alcohol, and DNA testing in Texas for both private and legal purposes. Our certified drug and alcohol testing collection labs can provide drug testing by way of urine, hair, saliva, fingernail, sweat / skin, DOT, environmental, and steroids. Our drug test panels also have a broad range to screen against the most basic drugs up to screening for a full array of drugs.

We provide Texas drug and alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Contact our alcohol or drug screening lab to find out more about our testing services.

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