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What Is Court-Admissible DNA Testing?

DNA testing is the analysis of a sample of someone's genetic material, usually to compare it with another sample to determine genetic identity or relationships, like fatherhood. In many situations, a DNA test can be a useful piece of evidence in a Texas court (or any court nationwide) proceeding or be mandated by a Texas, Texas or county judge as part of a proceeding. In these cases, Texas courts require that the DNA testing process meet specific standards for sample protection and ensuring accuracy. When these standards are met, the DNA test results can be considered court-admissible, or sufficiently accurate to merit legal consideration in Texas courts, any Texas court or any court anywhere in the United States.

Of course, being "court-admissible" is just part of the equation. To really be legally effective, a DNA test process and the lab facility in which it is performed must be able to withstand the strictest legal scrutiny. For that reason, Quicktest Labs meets or exceeds all legal requirements for court-admissible DNA tests as well as all industry best practices for accuracy. We make test accuracy our number one priority, and we document the ways in which we gather, protect, and analyze our Texas DNA test samples. That means that our test results are as legally strong as DNA testing can be.

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Unassailable Accuracy: The Quicktest Labs Way

Reasons for Court-Admissible Testing:

  • Reliable, legally effective results
  • Prove or confirm fatherhood
  • Assert right to child support payments in Texas
  • Confirm one's right to custody or visitations
  • Assert a child's right to government and military benefits
  • Confirm or prove one's right to inherit
  • Prove innocence or guilt in Texas criminal proceedings
Features of Quicktest Labs DNA Testing:

  • Strict Texas legal test confidentiality
  • Documented sample protection
  • Clean, comfortable Texas sample collection centers
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • A superb record of Texas court acceptance
  • A full array of affordable legal testing
Additional Texas DNA Testing Services:

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  • Maternity DNA Testing in Texas
  • Texas Immigration DNA Testing
  • Twin Zygosity Testing
  • Genealogy/Lineage DNA Testing
  • DNA Infidelity Testing in Texas

Accurate, Court Admissible Results

Court-admissible testing in Texas can still be done for a variety of reasons. For that reason, Quicktest Labs offers a full array of court-admissible DNA testing procedures. No matter your reason for obtaining a Texas DNA test, we will make every effort to get you confidential, accurate, legally-effective results as fast as possible. Some of our most popular court-admissible Texas DNA testing methodologies and varieties include the following:

Some of our most popular DNA testing methodologies and varieties include the following:

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Rapid Legal DNA Test Results in Texas

Aside from the the requirements for accuracy and court-admission, it is often just as important to your legal needs that you get your court-admissible Texas DNA test results as quickly as possible. Quicktest Labs excels at gathering and analyzing samples quickly, so you'll have your legal Texas DNA test results when you need them, even when facing the strictest deadlines. The whole sample-collection process takes minutes in our Texas DNA testing facilities, and we promise to have you out the door unbelievably quick. The samples will be analyzed and you'll get accurate Texas DNA test results, fast. Call us for more details on expected test time lines and rush job availability.


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An Extensive Record of Texas Court Acceptance

Whether your Texas legal DNA test is court-ordered as part of a sentencing agreement or wanted as evidence in any kind of Texas court proceeding, Quicktest Labs will provide you with fast, accurate, legal Texas DNA test results that meet industry standards for court-admission and legal persuasion. Our Texas DNA testing lab technicians always follow the strictest court-mandated protocols and best-practices for sample isolation, identity protection, and accuracy. With court-admissible Texas DNA testing from Quicktest Labs, you know you're getting legal DNA test results that will hold up in Texas court and get the job done.


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Quicktest Labs is a TCOLE provider, and we welcome any law enforcement to fulfill both the Licensee Psych Health L-3 form (physical and drug test) and the Licensee Psych Health L-3 form (psychological evaluation) requirements at our one stop shop!

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What Is The Texas Court-Admissible DNA Testing Process?

At Quicktest Labs, we always follow the highest standards and industry guidelines for DNA sample protection, efficiency, and accuracy. Our process is streamlined and optimized to make sure you get impregnable Texas DNA test results as quickly as possible.

  • Our professional Texas lab techs will take a buccal swab from any and all sample providers.
  • The samples are analyzed for the desired information.
  • As soon as legal Texas DNA test results are available, they're immediately provided to the relevant parties.

With court-admissible testing from Quicktest Labs, you can be sure that your legal test samples will be isolated and protected from contamination. We know how important your results are, so we always follow strict testing protocols and document our process. We also know that Texas legal DNA test results are often needed with urgency, so we quickly and carefully analyze the sample and get you your court-admissible Texas DNA test results as soon as possible.

For more information on legally-effective, Texas court-admissible DNA testing in Texas from Quicktest Labs, contact us today. We're standing by to answer all of your important legal DNA test questions.

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Our Certified Court Admissible Testing in Texas

We provide drug, alcohol, and DNA testing in Texas for both private and legal purposes. Our certified drug and alcohol testing collection labs can provide drug testing by way of urine, hair, saliva, fingernail, sweat / skin, DOT, environmental, and steroids. Our drug test panels also have a broad range to screen against the most basic drugs up to screening for a full array of drugs.

We provide Texas drug and alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Contact our alcohol or drug screening lab to find out more about our testing services.

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