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What is genetic reconstruction?

Our Texas genetic reconstruction services use of DNA sample gathering and analysis to reconstruct a genetic profile from indirect sources when a direct sample is unavailable. For example, if a family relationship like paternity needs to be established, but the potential father’s DNA is unavailable for testing for whatever reason, our Texas DNA testing experts can use genetic reconstruction to develop a DNA profile of the father without a direct sample. Genetic reconstruction is made possible by using samples from relatives of the father, in the father’s absence, to reconstruct a genetic profile from indirect sources when a direct sample is unavailable.

To do this, typically our Texas DNA testing experts need samples from two of the potential father’s close relatives and a sample from the mother. The relatives’ samples are analyzed in our Texas DNA testing lab and compared for similar sequences to the child’s, while the mother’s is analyzed to exclude the genetic sequences that come from her DNA. Genetic reconstruction is a slightly more difficult, but still adequate alternative to Texas DNA profiling when a direct DNA sample of one of the parties is unavailable.

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Primary DNA Sample Unavailable

When relatively easy Texas DNA profiling is not an option, Quicktest Labs has the skills and experience to provide expert genetic reconstruction services for all your DNA testing needs. Genetic reconstruction allows you to get results comparable to a primary DNA test when getting a sample isn't so simple. Sometimes you might want to test someone's DNA against someone who has passed away or lives in a remote place. Our genetic reconstruction services make a paternity or maternity test possible even when the potential mother or father has passed away, by using DNA samples from living relatives of the potential parent.

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Uncooperative Potential Fathers

A Texas paternity test typically requires the consent and cooperation of the potential father, in order to obtain a viable sample for DNA testing. However, if the potential father won't cooperate or submit a sample for testing, our Texas DNA testing labs can get the desired results, using the DNA of cooperative, close relatives of the potential father. Depending on where you live, genetic reconstruction results may or may not carry sufficient legal weight to prove parentage, but as always, Quicktest Labs promises to get you the most accurate results available, independent of your particular circumstances.

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Genetic reconstruction is the only way to confirm a parent-child relationship in the absence of a direct DNA sample from all relevant parties. No matter the circumstances surrounding your need for Texas DNA testing, Quicktest Labs will do the best possible job through direct or reconstructive DNA testing to solve your genetic puzzle as quickly and accurately as it can be done. Contact Quicktest Labs today for fast, affordable, and accurate DNA genetic reconstruction services.

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What Is The Genetic DNA Reconstruction Process?

At Quicktest Labs, we streamline and optimize the entire testing process to make sure you get the most accurate results possible as fast as it can be done. That means we meet or exceed all industry standards for sample protection, efficiency, and accuracy, providing the finest DNA testing services in Texas.

  • Our professional Texas lab techs will take a buccal swab from sample providers present or otherwise receive samples to be tested.
  • The samples are analyzed for repeating DNA sequences.
  • As soon as DNA profile test results are available, they're immediately provided to the relevant parties.

With Quicktest Labs, you can be sure that your samples will be isolated and protected from contamination. We also protect our clients' identities, maintaining strict confidentiality in all genetic reconstruction and testing circumstances. At Quicktest Labs, we are dedicated to making your genetically reconstructed DNA testing experience as comfortable as possible. We know your time is important, so our Texas DNA testing lab staff will get your job done as quickly as possible.

For more information on DNA genetic reconstruction from Quicktest Labs, contact us today. We're standing by to answer all of your important dna testing questions.

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Our Certified Genetic DNA Reconstruction in Texas

We provide drug, alcohol, and DNA testing in Texas for both private and legal purposes. Our certified drug and alcohol testing collection labs can provide drug testing by way of urine, hair, saliva, fingernail, sweat / skin, DOT, environmental, and steroids. Our drug test panels also have a broad range to screen against the most basic drugs up to screening for a full array of drugs.

We provide Texas drug and alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Contact our alcohol or drug screening lab to find out more about our testing services.

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