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Using a skin patch to monitor a person for future drug use is a great way to both encourage positive drug choices and to enforce Texas drug policies. But how does a skin test work? When someone uses drugs, those drugs are carried throughout his or her body in the bloodstream. As a drug reaches different organs and tissues it is metabolized and processed in different ways, showing its effects in all areas and systems of the body. Trace indicators of the drugs pass through the user’s skin in his or her sweat. A specially designed testing patch can pick up on those trace indicators if affixed to a drug user’s skin. As long as the patch remains affixed to a person’s skin, any instance of drug use will be recorded, resulting in a positive test.

Quicktest Labs always conducts its drug testing services quickly, professionally, and accurately, and our patch monitoring services are no different. You'll be surprised how quickly the patch is affixed and how rapidly you get your results at the end. Whether you need Texas court-admissible drug monitoring as part of a court proceeding or quick, personal results for private reasons, we'll get you results, quickly, accurately, and effortlessly.

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Continuous Observation

While other testing methods do a good job of revealing past drug use, a skin/sweat monitoring system is an effective way of monitoring for future drug use. In instances where it is a higher priority to prevent drug use or when a person’s behavior has suggested they are at high-risk of drug use, a drug testing skin patch is especially useful. Whether by Texas court order or employer requirements, a skin test can serve as both a deterrent and a monitor.

Tamper-Proof and Unalterable

While it might seem that a skin patch is very easily tampered with--just take it off when you do drugs, right?--it’s not that simple. The drug testing patch is affixed with a tamper-proof seal, so if the patch is removed, our drug testing tech will know. Any patch-removal is treated as an automatic fail, thus rendering tampering irrelevant. There are also no known alterant substances that can influence a skin drug testing patch’s ability to detect drug use indicators.

Secure Chain of Custody

It’s impossible to have a more secure chain of custody than you get with sweat and skin drug testing patches. Our professionally trained testing professionals affix the patch and verify it is done correctly and securely. At the end of the monitoring period, those same professionals remove the patch. Any tampering with the patch during the monitoring period will be registered and observed at the removal stage and given an automatic fail. Untampered patches are analyzed in 1-3 days, following our strict protocols for security and accuracy. You don’t get more secure than that.

Skin Patch Drug Testing

At Quicktest Labs, we conduct sweat & skin drug monitoring and testing according to the strictest protocols for accuracy and speed. We meet or exceed all industry best-practices to make sure our Texas drug testing results stand up under even the strictest legal scrutiny. Texas employers can help create a drug-free workplace by using skin and sweat patches to simultaneously deter and detect drug use. That makes skin patch drug testing a unique and invaluable tool to any drug testing program.

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Drugs Detected with Skin Patch Drug Screening:

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamines
  • And more!

Benefits of Skin Patch Drug Testing At Quicktest Labs:

We are a certified drug testing collection lab which means that our professionally trained testing professionals follow a strict and secure chain of custody when affixing, monitoring and testing every drug testing patch.

  • Accurate Texas Drug Patch Test Results- We offer certified and accurate skin drug testing results.
  • Drug Policy Creation- employer skin patch drug testing policy implementation.
  • Our Texas Skin Drug Testing Staff- Confidentiality, reliability, and professionalism by our skilled sweat drug testing staff.
  • Affordable Skin Drug Test Pricing- Our skin drug testing lab in Texas will strive to meet or beat any competitors' pricing!
  • Our Texas Drug Testing Labs- Clean and comfortable skin patch drug testing facilities.

At Quicktest Labs, we conduct skin/ sweat drug tests and all other Texas drug testing services, by following strict guidelines and best-practices to ensure accuracy and reliability of results. On top of that, we get you your results quickly and affordably, making Quicktest Labs your best option for drug testing services in Texas, Texas.

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TCOLE Drug Test Lab

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One stop shop for TCOLE L-2 and L-3 Form Requirements

Quicktest Labs is a TCOLE provider, and we welcome any law enforcement to fulfill both the Licensee Psych Health L-3 form (physical and drug test) and the Licensee Psych Health L-3 form (psychological evaluation) requirements at our one stop shop!

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Our Certified Drug and Alcohol Testing in Texas

We provide drug, alcohol, and DNA testing in Texas for both private and legal purposes. Our certified drug and alcohol testing collection labs can provide drug testing by way of urine, hair, saliva, fingernail, sweat / skin, DOT, environmental, and steroids. Our drug test panels also have a broad range to screen against the most basic drugs up to screening for a full array of drugs.

We provide Texas drug and alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Contact our alcohol or drug screening lab to find out more about our testing services.

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